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Posted By: Crow River H-D®
Post Date: 07/24/2018

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What does riding a motorcycle mean for you? Does it signify a stronger sense of independence? Do you relish in the freedom you have to tour the entire countryside on a whim? Or do you simply enjoy showing off those slick styles and asserting your dominance at every turn? No matter how your bike stimulates you, a Harley-Davidson® is built to please any rider's ambitions. The new lineup of touring motorcycles includes a new engine, suspension, and braking system, as well as serious upgrades to other components. But even with such a great bike, the only thing that's left is to specialize your hog for your own preferences. At Crow River H-D®, we've got the Vengeance Touring Essentials, Vengeance Performance, and Reaper packages, so after reading about them, come on in to our dealership to get your ride outfitted with the latest and greatest in custom features. We're in Delano, Minnesota, near Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Improve Every Aspect of Your Ride

Many riders think the best way to upgrade their motorcycle is with a hodgepodge of aftermarket parts. This might work if you're lucky, but it'll also put you through a lot of stress and extra work. For one thing, not every part out there is compatible with your Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycle. Second, even if you do find an aftermarket accessory that works, it probably won't be as effective as one specifically designed by Harley®. This is a great reason to choose one of these custom packages, as they have meaningful combinations of upgrades that focus on one or more areas of riding, and each component is sure to work perfectly with your motorcycle.

Stick to the Basics with Vengeance Essentials

Looking for some extra comfort? With the Vengeance Touring Essentials Package, you get an array of upgrades that will keep you cozy and relaxed, no matter how long the road drags on. With the adjustable rider backrest, you can recline or poise yourself forward, whichever's more comfortable for you! Also, the sissy bar makes life much easier, while extended footboards give you better support for your feet. Finally, everyone knows that keeping your phone and keys in your saddlebags is a pain. They get lost, and you have to dig through all the other luggage just to access these simple devices. That's why this package includes the rider backrest organizer. Keep your water bottle, keys, phone, wallet, or whatever other small items you need to keep within reach. You'll never spend more than a couple seconds finding them again, making every trip significantly more convenient.

Spike up the Power with Vengeance Performance

Sure, Harley-Davidsons® are already really powerful. That new Milwaukee-Eight™ engine on the 2017 touring motorcycles is a tremendous force, but if you're still looking for some extra hustle, the Vengeance Performance package includes some amazing upgrades that'll give you your fill of speed and agility. The Pro Street Tuner, Heavy Breather Air Cleaner, and Street Cannon Performance Slip-On Mufflers from Screamin' Eagle® all feature in this kit. They improve the functionality and overall performance of your bike, but the power really gets ramped up with the Screamin' Eagle® Stage II Torque Kit. This raises your high-end torque (between 2500 and 4500 RPMs) to over 100 ft-lbs, meaning you can accelerate all the way through the gear and dominate whatever lies in your path.

All-Around Upgrades with Reaper

Finally, if you can't quite choose between the stylish comfort of the Essentials, or the powerful upgrades from the performance package, the Reaper kit includes a little of everything. Electro Glo LED lighting gives your bike that stylish shine you're craving for, while a Stealth luggage rack lets you carry as much gear as you need to on those long trips. You also get the Pro Street Tuner and Heavy Breather Performance Air Cleaner, providing a little extra kick for that Milwaukee-Eight™ engine.

No matter what you're looking for in a bike, Harley-Davidson® has it in one of these touring packages. If you're ready to get your touring motorcycle equipped with one of these kits, come on into Crow River H-D® in Delano, where we proudly serve customers from Minnetonka and St. Cloud, Minnesota.

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